Watervale’s vision is for every Kenyan to have a comfortable and dignified space to sit, sleep and socialize. Our approach is to unlock the potential of small-scale furniture entrepreneurs at the center of Kenya’s furniture industry. We have designed a unique business model around three components:

1. Identify market trends and offer business advice. We carry out extensive market research to understand market trends and gaps. We then shares insights with furniture entrepreneurs, enabling them to source the best material at the best price, allowing for an optimal use of their limited resources.

2. Develop a wide range of novel products. We combine contract and in-house manufacturing to create tailored products which offer quality at an attractive price point. The company’s offerings include innovative best-sellers such as low-cost, zero-waste cushions made from by-products of European foam factories.

3. Provide financing services. We extend trade credit to entrepreneurs: this allows them time to pay for supplies, so they can use proceeds from sales rather than their own limited capital. For many, this is their first direct credit relationship with a formal-sector supplier.

We are also in the process of developing and launching a line of home interior products – including mattresses and pillows – under our brand Moko Furniture which will bring to end consumer the comfort and quality they deserve.

Our Values

Quality Everyone Deserves:

We believe that everyone deserves to furnish their houses with quality and style. We constantly ask ourselves: how can we offer new quality products for less? This is how we introduce new products and make our line of products the most modern and affordable available today.

Decisions can come from anywhere:

At Watervale, we believe that anyone should have a voice and meaningful impact on the company and our products. We apply the same principles to our customers: we constantly ask them the best design and features to incorporate in our products. In this way we ensure that our products reflects the passions and desires of those who will use them.

Fail Fast, Fail Forward:

We’re trying to bring new and better products as fast as we can. As we
do this we realize that we can make mistakes from times to times. We strive to learn from our mistake as fast as we can so that we can be better next time.

Equal Opportunity:

To build the strongest team, we think that everyone should have a fair
chance of joining it. We evaluate and assess candidates exclusively based on objective criteria. Once someone joins us, they are evaluated based on performance on the job.

Growing as a Team:

We believe that we can accomplish our mission only if our employees grow as the company grow. We create an environment where members of our team can take on more responsibility according to their talent and potential.


Respect to our team’s members, respect to our fundis, respect to our customers: Respect is the cornerstone of whatever we do at Watervale.